Monday, May 14, 2012


On one of our little excursions we went to Swellendam, it is such a beautiful rural town in the Overberg. We just loved this small little town and I just have to share the beauty with you. We went via the Tredoux Pass from Robertson and it is one of the most beautiful passes I've driven. Me and the girls went, by girls, I mean my bestest friend, we're like friends for more than 23 years already and we left the hubbies at home with the boys. It was such a great roadtrip with just us girls. Even when we had the you know are we there yet moments, when we stopped and did our little side ventures the girls just loved it.
In Swellendam itself they have the Sulina Fairy Sanctuary. The kids loved this part as they could go and explore and find all the different fairies. For us grown-ups it was taking a walk back in time and just to sit and take a moment to breathe. One of those moments you'll always remember.

The houses itself reflects both the old and new, the quirky and the not so quirky.
We loved exploring all the Art and creative spots, some even have interesting names - like kunsmis. Now we don't want to do a direct translation from Afrikaans to English. If you really want to know, google is a nice place to start. 
I found this little promo from Swellendam, and it just basically says it all and shows you a bit of the Valley, it is definitely one of those places worth a visit. I have to just mention this on our way home we stopped at Wildebraam Berry Estate and bought jam to die for, and I mean I felt like Winny the Pooh who fell into the honey pot, it's that good. I don't walk into a shop and my eyes wonder if I can't find the jams. This was just such a nice little get away, I would recommend going away for a few days, just for a refresher this just help with all those creative juices and ideas.

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