Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rhythmically Challenged

You know sometimes when you look back at yourself you sometimes just have to laugh - you know at yourself. This is one of those times. I work for a charity organisation and sometimes we have to do the bonding thing, and we get to spend some time with a project. The kids in the yellow t-shirts are from underprivileged areas and they get the chance to learn all about art, drama and dance. This day the kids tried to teach us the Diski Dance. Note, due to me being rhythmically challenged I'm way, way at the back, totally undercover, won't see me at all, like Donald Duck, ducking all the way. Albeit ducking all the way, I'm still working on getting out of that comfort zone of being rhythmically challenged. Thought it might inspire you to do something as well, get a bit out of that comfort zone and explore, even though you are rhythmically challenged like me.

Diski Dance from Litsje on Vimeo.

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