Monday, May 14, 2012

In the Pink

I thought I'll get us started this week with some pink inspiration, and my mood board for the day is everything and anything to do with pink bedrooms. Pink is a very refreshing, mood uplifting color. It can be used in so many different ways and color combinations, it can be used with basic black, nice little greens, whites, a little bit of blues, some yellows, can be used as accents, be a main color and just blend in with everything. I think it's one of those colors that can be bent to suit your will and taste and that you can just make work where you need it to work. The possibilities are just endless I think.



On one of our little excursions we went to Swellendam, it is such a beautiful rural town in the Overberg. We just loved this small little town and I just have to share the beauty with you. We went via the Tredoux Pass from Robertson and it is one of the most beautiful passes I've driven. Me and the girls went, by girls, I mean my bestest friend, we're like friends for more than 23 years already and we left the hubbies at home with the boys. It was such a great roadtrip with just us girls. Even when we had the you know are we there yet moments, when we stopped and did our little side ventures the girls just loved it.
In Swellendam itself they have the Sulina Fairy Sanctuary. The kids loved this part as they could go and explore and find all the different fairies. For us grown-ups it was taking a walk back in time and just to sit and take a moment to breathe. One of those moments you'll always remember.

The houses itself reflects both the old and new, the quirky and the not so quirky.
We loved exploring all the Art and creative spots, some even have interesting names - like kunsmis. Now we don't want to do a direct translation from Afrikaans to English. If you really want to know, google is a nice place to start. 
I found this little promo from Swellendam, and it just basically says it all and shows you a bit of the Valley, it is definitely one of those places worth a visit. I have to just mention this on our way home we stopped at Wildebraam Berry Estate and bought jam to die for, and I mean I felt like Winny the Pooh who fell into the honey pot, it's that good. I don't walk into a shop and my eyes wonder if I can't find the jams. This was just such a nice little get away, I would recommend going away for a few days, just for a refresher this just help with all those creative juices and ideas.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Still Life

I've known about Still Life for probably more than 10 years. My first ever flat got outfitted by her. My lounge had these two recreated chairs in purple and green with these pink and green hand painted cushions all handmade by her. I had this cupboard which was all painted in purple with lilies on it.

To this day I can't not but venture into any of her shops without walking out with something I really like or which just spoke to me. Now Still Life has shops in Long Street, Cape Quarter and Hout Bay and I can truthfully say I've been to them all, got the T-shirt browsed till the pursestrings dropped and just luved every moment of it.

I love her fabric prints, her homemade South African cushions, her small little postcards you can pick up and stick in a frame. I can just say if you're ever in the Valley, can always just pop in and browse, it's so worth it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rhythmically Challenged

You know sometimes when you look back at yourself you sometimes just have to laugh - you know at yourself. This is one of those times. I work for a charity organisation and sometimes we have to do the bonding thing, and we get to spend some time with a project. The kids in the yellow t-shirts are from underprivileged areas and they get the chance to learn all about art, drama and dance. This day the kids tried to teach us the Diski Dance. Note, due to me being rhythmically challenged I'm way, way at the back, totally undercover, won't see me at all, like Donald Duck, ducking all the way. Albeit ducking all the way, I'm still working on getting out of that comfort zone of being rhythmically challenged. Thought it might inspire you to do something as well, get a bit out of that comfort zone and explore, even though you are rhythmically challenged like me.

Diski Dance from Litsje on Vimeo.

St Georges Cathedral

Thought I'll share a little bit of Cape Town with you today. Me and my bestest friend went for an excursion round Cape Town and we've never really been to St Georges Cathedral before. I have to say, can't believe that I actually lived in Cape Town for more years than I can count and never have been. It's an amazing Church and reminds me of the Notre Dame in Paris. My blackberry surprised me, all the photographs are taken with my the little ole BB. The quality might not be 100%, but it doesn't take away the beauty of the Cathedral.

On another note I have been so hectic-ly busy these last couple of days. Had to prepare for an audit. Extreme fun. In between got all my invitations ready for my Creative Evening, got the date all booked, so it's just getting all the ideas together and just to do it. I'm going to get the ladies to make some stamps. It's quick, easy and major fun. I made these on lino blocks.

In between I finished a painting and worked on another painting. I actually did the painting with Cretacolour studio line aquarells. To my other surprise this didn't come out to badly either.This got my mind off the audit and all the other buzzezz usually floating in and around the ol head space.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Moving into Creativity

Before I move onto the creative space I just have to share being a Cape Town-ian myself when I stumble upon a fellow Cape Town-ian who makes all little things I like, all I can say is absolute bliss, heaven ...... off course I just have to chat about it. She makes the most wonder fullest South African flag cushions, which is extremely unique and comes in all designs and sizes. Adorable, luv it luv it luv it. Did I mention her name is Lolla.

Dare I break the mold and speak about I work in the most amazing little spot in Green Point, Cape Town, smack bang in the middle of all these design people. I can just walk up the road and there is the Cape Quarter who has a Still Life and just but a few places you just need to be. Down the road towards Sea Point you have Signature another must see decor shop. Chat about those later this week. Being a little snoep, can't have all the nice little things in one go. It's like chocolate, one bite at a time.....

I'm totally into this vintage craze at the moment. My home is starting to look all oldy and vintagie and I love it. I'm totally in this creative space these days and my mind is just bubbling over with all the ideas and things I want to make. Not that I'll probably be good at any of it, but I'll definitely master the phrase, Jack of all trades and master of none, and I'll make it my own Jane of all trades and conquerer of all. Watch this space.

I'm super excited as well, probably going to be my sharing space looks like it. I thought of moving and going BIG into my creative space. Why do we want to do anything small in any case. So starting off in two weeks I'm having a creative party at my home. Like other people have tupperware parties. I'm going to have one with all my friends and were going to sit around a huge table and just make something, which I still have to think off, but no worries. I have all these friends and mostly a person get's so tied up with family, children that we tend to forget about the ME time, taking the time to make something with ones hands or that space to let it just flow. Sometimes we as people tend to think we don't know anybody, so I just decided that's it, I'm getting us all together and were going to all share in this creative process. So the dates been set, the cards designed, now the rest will follow.

What I really want to say or my thought for today take a deep Breath and enjoy your moment let the creativity flow through the bones and so you know there is no wrong to it, just go for it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Little Boheme

We all have that something bohemian in us. That part  in our normal everyday lives where in the normal we actually would like to be extra ordinary.

This weekend one of the kids working on a film shoot told me that they have a group of friends who usually take photographs of each other in their pj's in the craziest of places, going to the movie, climbing Table Mountain and through this craziness inspire each other to be more. Me - asking the question why? the answer was One Life in all ways. God before everything. You need to live your life with honesty, integrity, joy, creativity, and be in the moment.

This got me inspired and thinking to live my life a bit more extra ordinary every day. Albeit having that normal everyday life, live a little bit more bohemian and make the normal a bit abnormal in a good way. Trying new creative things and just to share the small little joyous moments in every day.

Sharing a bit of my creative inspiration is my little girl in bloom, we are saying, fare thee well,  to our summer and were moving into autumn. This brings all new colors and experiences to light and I can't wait to share them with you as well.