Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Moving into Creativity

Before I move onto the creative space I just have to share being a Cape Town-ian myself when I stumble upon a fellow Cape Town-ian who makes all little things I like, all I can say is absolute bliss, heaven ...... off course I just have to chat about it. She makes the most wonder fullest South African flag cushions, which is extremely unique and comes in all designs and sizes. Adorable, luv it luv it luv it. Did I mention her name is Lolla.

Dare I break the mold and speak about I work in the most amazing little spot in Green Point, Cape Town, smack bang in the middle of all these design people. I can just walk up the road and there is the Cape Quarter who has a Still Life and just but a few places you just need to be. Down the road towards Sea Point you have Signature another must see decor shop. Chat about those later this week. Being a little snoep, can't have all the nice little things in one go. It's like chocolate, one bite at a time.....

I'm totally into this vintage craze at the moment. My home is starting to look all oldy and vintagie and I love it. I'm totally in this creative space these days and my mind is just bubbling over with all the ideas and things I want to make. Not that I'll probably be good at any of it, but I'll definitely master the phrase, Jack of all trades and master of none, and I'll make it my own Jane of all trades and conquerer of all. Watch this space.

I'm super excited as well, probably going to be my sharing space looks like it. I thought of moving and going BIG into my creative space. Why do we want to do anything small in any case. So starting off in two weeks I'm having a creative party at my home. Like other people have tupperware parties. I'm going to have one with all my friends and were going to sit around a huge table and just make something, which I still have to think off, but no worries. I have all these friends and mostly a person get's so tied up with family, children that we tend to forget about the ME time, taking the time to make something with ones hands or that space to let it just flow. Sometimes we as people tend to think we don't know anybody, so I just decided that's it, I'm getting us all together and were going to all share in this creative process. So the dates been set, the cards designed, now the rest will follow.

What I really want to say or my thought for today take a deep Breath and enjoy your moment let the creativity flow through the bones and so you know there is no wrong to it, just go for it.

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