Friday, August 10, 2012

Matric Farewell

One Matric Farewell coming up. Actually it's now done and dusted. It was my oldest matric farewell / ball on Wednesday evening and it was a blast. He looked so smart in his suit. Everything just had to be turquoise, it is his absolute favorite color. This made me get some turquoise cushions to go with the lounge and put up some nice turquoisie curtains for him to go with "his" theme for the evening. It is just another 10 days then he starts with his record exams. Another two months then he is finished with school and has the world literally in the palm of his hands then. He wants to go into drama / film / charity work next year. We will worry about it in another two months time. Not to stressed about it at the moment, was stressed about what we are going to do two months ago. Now I'm just working through farewells, forty days, exams and just wrapping my head around the here and nows for now. I'm sharing one or two pics of the evening, this says happiness to me.


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