Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stamp Making Tutorial

Today I'm sharing some love again with a stamp tutorial, I'm crazy about stamps, I'll stamp anything and everything if I could. Stamps have so many uses, from stamping your own wrapping paper to making your own cards, tags, boxes ... the list can be endless. Enjoy ....
 List of Materials : Carving Tools, Erasers, a pen or pencil,
sheet of white paper, exacto knife, scizzor, inkpad
 Trace the size of your eraser on paper, that way you will know the
size of your drawing, draw on the paper what you would like
place the drawing on top of your eraser upside down
press with the pencil/pen the drawing on the eraser
in order to transfer your drawing, if your drawing came out
to light just go over it again with your pen or pencil
 With the carving tool carefully start carving your eraser.
I usually start with the outlines and then move towards the inside
I leave the small details for last


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